Client Architecture

The Client (front-end) is built with React, TypeScript, Chakra UI, and Axios.

Client Design Overview

The entire client is built with the React framework, and thus follows the React systems of component-based design.

To put it simply, each page is a component of the application, and each page also consists of different components and subcomponents. We do not have a strict design pattern that we follow par se, aside from this.

Front-end Repository Structure

Here is a top level overview of the front-end repository. We will be going over the purpose of each directory and how they relate to the client architecture.


api/ Contains modules/functions used to call back-end APIs.
assets/ Contains static assets like fonts and graphics.
components/ Contains all individual React components — .tsx files.
mockData/ Will be removed in the future. Contains mock data temporarily being used.
pages/ Contains all the “pages” of the application, wraps individual React components.
theme/ Contains the Chakra UI theme.
types/ Contains all global types — .d.ts files
App.tsx This file handles the application’s routing. Only modify to add more routes.
index.tsx DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE. This is the entry point for React scripts startup.

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