LGTM, Ship It.

Note: Both backend and frontend are deployed with accounts that use the email. The log-in credentials for these accounts should be passed on from the previous team and should not be added to this public documentation.


The backend is deployed and hosted using the free service from Render. This service currently being used is a free tier service which includes the following:

  • 500 build minutes a month
  • 100 GB bandwidth
  • Automatic re-deploys from GitHub

The team recommends migrating to the Team or Organization plans which are paid tier services which provide more build minutes and bandwidth per month.


The frontend is deployed and hosted using a free service from Netlify. The frontend had to be migrated to a repo on the shared email account due to the free service not allowing deployment from a private repo of an organization on Github. Therefore, the team recommends upgrading to a paid service which lifts this restriction.