Calibration Plan

An overview of the current calibration plan for the May 2022 device deliverable.


This calibration plan is a temporary solution due to time constraints. This plan should be updated and improved to allow easier field calibration.

The current plan is best performed is a lab setting, by a user with at least basic knowledge of the code, with access to all buffer solutions.

Currently, pseudo-buffer solutions, such as distilled water are being used. Proper buffer solutions should be sourced for the final prototype.


This section will cover the calibration instructions for all six of the sensors currently being deployed.

Each subsection will provide the calibration instructions for a sensor in isolation, with the required materials and the procedure to follow to calibrate it.

It is recommended that all calibration is performed on the same zero that will be deployed in the field for most accurate data.

A user will require both an Arduino Uno and an Arduino Zero, the Arduino IDE and the bare metal programming environment setup to complete these calibration procedures.

Table of contents