December 2022 Devices

A record of the devices that have been scrapped or are currently being used for the December 2022 deliverable. Some arduino code can be found here: Datasheet


This section will cover the sensors used in the December 2022 deliverable. It is a record of the sensors scrapped or are currently being used for future teams.

We initially started off with 5 sensors, 4 of which is scrapped, and only 1 (CO2 sensor - SCD30) is in use.

The SCD30 will include a quick setup guide.

Water Pressure Sensor

DFRobot Gravity Water Pressure Sensor (SEN0257)

Status: Scrapped

This water pressure sensor has been scrapped due to the impractical calibration requirements. It must be calibrated at ~100m depth in water.


Methane Sensors

Winsen Flammable Gas Sensor (MQ-4)

Status: Scrapped

Initially purchased to measure methane, this sensor has been scrapped due to its impractical preheat time of 48 hours.


Winsen Toxic Gas Sensor (MQ-9B)

Status: Scrapped

Scrapped for the same reasons above.


As both methane sensors have been scrapped due to the impractical preheating requirements, we have recommended 2 additional methane sensors.

DFRobot: Fermion: MEMS Gas Sensor (MiCS-5524)

This sensor detects a variety of gases including methane. However, please note that it only detects methane levels above 1000PPM. It also requires a filtered enclosure to protect it from water and dust, but it only has a 3 minute warmup time.


Winsen NDIR Infrared CH4 Sensor C3H8 Sensor (MH-440D)

This sensor detects methane and propane, and has a detection range of 0~10% vol. It only has a 3 minute warmup time as well.


CO2 Sensors

Sensirion CO2, Humidity, and Temperature Sensor (SCD30)

Status: In Use

We decided to keep this sensor over the Sensirion SGP30, as it uses UART communication, which is already present in the codebase.

CO2 measurement range: 0 - 40,000PPM

NOTE: We have been using the 3.3V supply from the Arduino. We are unsure if using differing voltages may affect value readings. DC Supply Voltage: 3.3V (minimum) - 5.5V (maximum) Communication: I2C, UART

Connecting this sensor to the Arduino is relatively straightforward:

  • Connect VDD and SEL to 3.3V
  • Connect GND to GND

    NOTE: when creating the sensor in the code, you will need to set the ports in code

  • Connect TX/SCL to any numbered port
  • Connect RX/SDA to any numbered port
  • The 3.3V power can be split in a breadboard to get 3.3V to both the SEL and the VDD ports as seen below. Diagram


Sensirion Gas Platform (SGP30)

Status: Scrapped

This CO2 sensor has been scrapped as it is redundant, and uses I2C communication which has not been implemented.