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This a hydrogen and nitrogen oxide gas concentration sensor launched by DFRobot.

The sensor uses MEMS technology to support gas concentration detection of CO, CH4, C2H5OH, C3H8, C4H10, H2, H2S and NH3. The matching sample code integrates the concentration conversion formula of various gas to facilitate the testing and use of sensors.

The product supports 5V power supply, analog voltage output, and has power supply enable/disable pins for low power consumption.


Support a variety of harmful gas detection Integrate the calculation formulas of various gas concentration Low power consumption I2C digital output Compatible with the 3.3~5.5V master controller


Gas leak detection Gas safety equipment Air environment detection


Detection of Physical Quantities: Gas concentration or gas leakage of CO, CH4, 2H5OH, C3H8, C4H10, H2, H2S, NH3

Operating voltage: 4.9~5.1V DC

Power dissipation: 0.45W

Output signal: Analog quantity

Measuring range: 1 – 1000ppm (Carbon monoxide CO) 10 – 500ppm (Ethanol C2H5OH) 1 – 1000ppm (Hydrogen H2) 1 – 500ppm (Ammonia NH3) >1000ppm (Methane CH4)

Working temperature: -30~85℃

Working humidity: 5~95%RH (No condensation)

Storage temperature: -40~85℃

Lifespan: >2 years (in the air)

Circuit board size:12mm x 16mm

Mounting hole size:Inner diameter 2mm/ outer diameter 4mm


Product wiki (https://wiki.dfrobot.com/Fermion__MEMS_Gas_Sensor___MiCS-5524_SKU_SEN0440)

MiCS-5524 Datasheet (https://img.dfrobot.com.cn/wiki/5b973267c87e6f19943ab3ad/86011e31a53db4f1bb6a3978de97a135.pdf)

Schematics Diagram (https://dfimg.dfrobot.com/nobody/wiki/bc7b994d37fdaffc6e43624bda91cbde.pdf)

Dimension and Component Layout (https://dfimg.dfrobot.com/nobody/wiki/065f0240e12ab11e527c4c6cf91799ba.pdf)


Publish Topic: device/reading/sensor/ch4

  value:        # float

Subscribe Topic: device/config/sensor/ch4

  state:          # binary